The Conference Theme

Mobile technology:  The future of learning in your hands

The objectives for these conferences have been defined as follows:

  • To promote the development of mLearning, globally, but especially in developing countries.
  • To stimulate critical debate on and research into theories, approaches, principles and applications of mLearning (mobile learning).
  • To share local and international developments, experiences and lessons learned.
  • To promote networking and business opportunity development.
  • To encourage the study and implementation of mobile applications in teaching and learning.
  • To stimulate and assist personal professional development and the development of new skills for educators.
  • To provide a forum for education and knowledge transfer.
  • To facilitate dialogue, sharing and networking between diverse cultures with regard to the optimum use of emerging technologies.

Topics of interest are:

  • From pilot projects to mainstream implementation: strategies for the large-scale deployment of mLearning
  • Mobile technology to support open and distance learning (ODL)
  • mLearning and mobile technology applications in teaching and learning
  • Mobile technology for student and learning support
  • Mobile technology for educator and teaching support
  • Assessment techniques and practices in mLearning
  • Design and development of learning material for mLearning
  • Informal and lifelong learning with the aid of mobile technology
  • Challenges for mLearning in developing countries
  • Building and implementing mLearning Strategies in Educational Institutions, Companies and Public Sector Organisations
  • Effective and efficient management of mLearning processes
  • mLearning management systems (mLMSs)
  • Creating interactive and collaborative mLearning environments
  • Future trends in mLearning technology, including the impact of emerging technologies
  • Emerging hardware and software for mLearning
  • Mass individualisation
  • Improving the quality of mLearning through evaluation; including mobile assessment and certification
  • mLearning as a tool for social change
  • Ambient intelligence and ambient learning
  • Innovation in learning theory and pedagogy
  • Learning objects and metadata for mLearning